In Modern days, Integration and Interoperability are among the most significant and critical requirements as never before. Evolution of Technology & Tools and Stakeholder’s Business scenarios @ such an unprecedented pace has provided both; Opportunities and Challenges.
Understanding & Comprehending the Integration & Interoperability scenarios of current & future times, and building the ICT solutions through Loosely Coupled – Tightly Integrated Architecture is both Science and Art. We understand it and create such environments seamlessly.
Integration is like a black box; the integration happens in the background based on specific use cases, which may be led by the combination of process scenarios and / or data. The ‘Dependency’ factor is always very high in Integration Strategy concerning the Continuous availability of all participating entities with the relevant state to ensure integrity and consistency.
People-Process-Technology with in-depth techno-functional domain expertise & experience helps us build & deliver the best IT infrastructure management services in India. Active and Integral Customer engagement is very critical throughout Integration Lifecycle Management.

Cloud Integration

Niveshan technologies have a take on the cloud infrastructure. We believe that cloud integration as a service provides added advantages to the clients. The clients can seamlessly integrate third-party gateways, social media services, partner platforms via SaaS/PaaS, etc.; there is no end to it. We help our clients build a wonderful environment for IT infrastructure solutions in Delhi NCR.
The data and transactions that flow seamlessly across the hybrid environment is pure bliss of cloud integration. Niveshan believes in enhancing the capabilities of each individual at the client’s end. We create the environment and ecosystem that builds on API layers.
On the outset, Niveshan’s services on the dashboard provide transparency, visibility to the complexity of business operations, business processes, surveillance solutions, and much more. The approach that Niveshan follows has given its clients an edge over their competitors by reducing/minimizing costs and enhancing the workforce capacities/capabilities. To be precise Niveshan believes in enhancing the transactional and reducing the operational costs in data center services in Delhi.