“Surveillance, a process of setting up front-end intelligent devices with backend Digital Infrastructure for the purpose of data & information capture to achieve actionable intelligence.”

Surveillance involves deployment of CCTV Camera, Censors, Digital Videos, honeypots, and other devices. The devices here could be hardware or piece of software. The devices could just capture & transmit data and/or intelligent ones. Intelligent devices may have actionable ability & capability to act instantly in realtime environment and/or intelligence to optimize captured data from transmission perspective to optimize network bandwidth use.

Surveillance, by definition, is continuous process of data capture, hence data generation is huge. This leads to large and massive data storage requirements. It is very critical to understand and interpret data intelligently & manage it optimally & appropriately.

Surveillance systems have the ability and capability to instantly capture the events & incidents, trigger the alerts & alarms, trap-track-&-prevent before something happens.

Surveillance solutions in Delhi NCR significantly facilitate various types of investigations across, as they provide raw & interpreted/ processed data.

CCTV surveillance solutions in India help read, understand, interpret, connect the dots through building a storyline from various datasets, present data as desired, integrate & interoperate across systems, … this is the real power of IT infrastructure management services in Delhi.

Surveillance systems are deployed across sectors in modern days. To name some of the sectors Safe City, Smart City, Digital & Cyber, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture & its allied sectors, Hospitality, Transportation, Mining, and name any sector.