Application is the layer that end-user accesses and engages with all the ICT investments. The User Interface and the User Experience matters among other key considerations.
Right Choice among Application solution options available drives the entire investment that an organization makes in ICT. Change Management makes the difference as ‘Make or Break’ as the most dynamic & vulnerable entity on the earth is involved here – Human Being.
In times of disruptions, the selection of appropriate IT infrastructure management services in Delhi for the project is very critical.
Application projects may be greenfield, migration, upgrade, porting, and/or technology-refresh with replacing legacy applications with a new application. The reasons may be many.
A decision between COTS (Commercially Off-the-Shelf) and Bespoke (grounds-up development) is based on multiple factors like end-customer business requirements & organizational culture, timeframe, budget, etc. and type & state of the Application project.
Likewise, selection of optimal Data migration & porting strategy basis volume & type of Data. This can be extensively human-driver to highly automated with appropriate human intervention.
All throughout, appropriate investments for completeness, comprehensiveness, quality of test cases, and test data matter the most. IT infrastructure solutions India matters more in the integration of data center services in Delhi and corporate CCTV surveillance solutions in Delhi.

Firewall and Support Services

Everyday there is an enhancement, an innovation in technology field, the user base is increasing and it is certainly becoming complex. People interact with various entities every time they open a laptop or a phone, people interact with applications, these applications have their own integrations with their partner applications, user are given flexibility to interact with other users in the same application environment and outside. This interactivity gives a window for hazards such as malware, viruses, hacks etc. into the system. This same window also gives an opportunity to the security environment to be enhanced and make it robust.

Niveshan provides state of the art firewall support services where we engage with our clients to study their environment and their concerns. It is vital for any organization to be able to create an efficient defense mechanism at every stage of the business processes which enables the transactions to happen without any pilferage and with minimal impact on operational costs. Building a robust defense mechanism is also an opportunity for the organization to create a security mindset across the floor.

Niveshan designs the security environment that drives the organization towards minimizing risks and maximizing visibility.

Niveshan believes in scaling of the secure environment for increasing needs of operational efficiency.

Niveshan always puts and emphasize on securing the future by continuous engagement in learning new technology and threats. We keep on improving on the business intelligence and use state of the art AI tools.  We believe if there is pilferage, it needs to be plugged immediately and add to the secure environment with a new strategy/design and keep the system protected/defended.