Focus on Emerging Technologies is the way to stay Futureproof for our Customers, Partners, Employees, Organization, and Ecosystem players. Emerging Technologies based solutions are mostly disruptive in nature, can be incremental on existing ICT investments, offers Unique opportunity to Transform Business Model – Customer Engagement – Delivery Model – Employee Engagement – Customer Experience – and practically every aspect of Business.

Conceptualization of the right business case with optimal selection of Emerging Technologies, we understand and do well. A Strategic and Trusted Partnership is the way to go to build & ramp-up capability, capacity, and skillsets.

Emerging Technology-based solutions require disruptive out-of-box thinking from multiple perspectives to leverage full potential.

Adoption and implementation of IT infrastructure management services in India appropriately is the way stay relevant with changing times as never before. Emerging Technologies has the science and art to achieve Transformational Transformations with ‘Outside – Inside’ perspective.

Cloud Computing and Integration

Niveshan technologies has a take on the cloud infrastructure, we believe the cloud integration as a service with added advantages to the client for them to seamlessly integrate third party gateways, social media services, partner platforms via SaaS/PaaS etc., there is not end to it, we offer  datacenter services in Delhi for boundaryless integrations for our clients.

The data and transactions that flow seamlessly across the hybrid environment is pure bliss of cloud integration. Niveshan believes in enhancing the capabilities of each individual at the client’s end, we create the environment and ecosystem that builds on API layers.

On the outset Niveshan’s services on the dashboard provides transparency, visibility to complexity of business operations, business processes, surveillance solutions in Delhi NCR and much more. The approach that Niveshan follows has given clients and edge over their competitors by offering cost-effective IT infrastructure support in India. To be precise Niveshan believes in enhancing the transactional and reducing the operational costs.