Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)

Customer Name:


Customer Domain:

City Management/Development Authority/ Urban planning/Infrastructure

Project Definition

Supply, Installation, Integration, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance of City-wide CCTV Based Public Safety and Adaptive Traffic Management System

On-site Support (24*7) at Central Site & Managed services for the links.

Broad Scope

To implement security and surveillance system in the areas of 115 sectors (6 sub-cities) of Gurugram and Manesar, in consultation with Gurugram Police Department covering a)Entry and Exit points of the City / Toll Gateway b) Important Traffic Junctions c) Crime prone and sensitive areas through 8 monitoring locations and 11 aggregation locations

Project CSF1

The various success factors are as:

  • Adaptive Traffic Management System involving setting up of IP based outdoor surveillance cameras across various locations in the city.
  • Appropriate network topology and design with DWDM in place.
  • The system designed to work in 24×7 environment with the camera feeds being fed to monitoring centers
  • Identification of key traffic junctions by GMDA authorities and police department
  • Customer support: GMDA team has been really supportive in resolving any bottlenecks that could have delayed the execution of this project

Key Achievements

Successful setting up of datacenter, pilot deployment and Go-Live of first set of 10 selected sites meeting the time lines, inauguration done by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar.

Key Learning

Building in house competences, Work to be sub contracted to multiple vendors (backup vendor in place)