Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)

Customer Name:

Gurugram Metropolitan Development authority (GMDA)

Customer Domain:

City Management/ Development Authority/ Urban planning/ Infrastructure

Project Definition

Gurugram Smart city

Broad Scope

Gurugram embarked on the journey of being a smart city a while back, as a first step they decided to establish an Integrated Command and Control Center to monitor the city operations from a single place. The broad set of activities to be carried out as part of the project were:

  • Setting up a state-of-the-art command center space adhering to world class standards on safety, ergonomics and operations.
  • Implementing the ICCC application that integrates all the city’s IT & OT systems and is capable of providing insights and dashboards for decision making. The ICCC application also implemented a set of SOPs that need to be executed in case of an incident.
  • A fully secure data center setup with built in high availability and failovers to ensure 24X7 operations of the command center
  • A fully functional call center/help desk to resolve any citizen query.

Project CSF1

Three key success factors of this project were

  • Choice of technology: Cisco, the world leader in ICCC application. The time to deployment was really quick and the rich analytics functionality really made all the difference
  • Data center expertise: The Niveshan team’s expertise in setting up the data center in record time went a long way in making this project a success
  • Customer support: GMDA team has been really supportive in resolving any bottlenecks that could have delayed the execution of this project

Key Achievements

The project is one of the most successful ICCC implementations in the smart cities.

Key Learning

Always choose proven technology solution to ensure project success.