Information, Communication, and Telecom (ICT) Infrastructure is an umbrella Services Portfolio. ICT Infrastructure is among the Mission Critical and Most Significant to entire Digital India.
ICT Infrastructure needs to be a Futureproof based on tightly Integrated Architecture. The infrastructure needs to deliver within the Secured Parameters, Configurable environment with Reliable and Highly Available, Performance, Scalable, and Manageable. The infrastructure should conform to Regulatory and Environment critical requirements. In Modern days, Integration, Interoperability, and Portability across the stack is a BIG MUST.
Appropriate selection of Tools and Technologies with the right IT infrastructure solution partners is very crucial to your success in Infrastructure projects.
People-Process-Technology, optimal composition, and deployment with deep customer engagement through Project Management Leadership is key to our strategy, approach, and Execution.
Innovation is @ the center of everything we do, from Conceptualization through Completion of every engagement, as this is the lifeline of every ICT project.

Managed Network & IT Infrastructure Services

It is an ongoing endeavor for a technology company to keep up with the latest in technology. Keeping up and updated with the latest in technological advancements is a core principle at Niveshan. This principle helps us serve our clients better. In today’s world, the network infrastructure has to provide security, scalability, and flexibility for the organization to perform seamless operations and cater to its clients’ immediate needs.
Niveshan provides a cluster of services and solutions to its clients for their need for a simple, agile, transparent, and fast-paced environment; in return, it improves the ecosystem.
With managed services, the organization gets a plethora of benefits, such as low cost of operations, simplification across the organization’s cloud cluster, data center, local and wide area networks. Niveshan technologies promote high-end technological advancements to the benefit of its clients. In today’s time when the client’s network is across the globe and their clients are in every nook and corner of the globe, it is imperative for the organizations that their network keeps up with the fast-paced life and business environments.

As per Gartner any network that is created today will become obsolete in the next 5-7 years. Numerous dots need to be connected and observed all through the Network life cycle so that that the network is secured, scalable, and flexible. Beyond a point when the connectivity is improving every passing minute, these networks will become slow and unscalable.

The organizations that keep up with times are the ones who take the first movers’ advantage. Keeping this in perspective Niveshan technology offers the following services for managed services:

  • IT infrastructure management services
  • IT infrastructure solutions
  • Datacenter services
  • CCTV surveillance solutions

Our Network team offers a comprehensive plan and strategy for network Infrastructural enhancements & management. Designing and Architecting the network services, possibilities of automation of services for minimal human interference, providing complete control and transparency for Small to large business houses is the core strength of Niveshan’ business paradigm.