ICT (Information, Communication, and Telecom) Technology consulting, we understand execute well. This is very natural to us as dream – breath – live ICT services to our customers.

Our hands-on professionals are best equipped to understand customer scenario & requirements, comprehend in technology context, connect with Business scenario, define Risk Mitigation Strategy, build Functional: Non-Functional: Technical architecture with appropriate Execution Roadmap by protecting Investments.

IT Audit

In today’s world when there is a data engagement that is happening every moment, it becomes imperative that the engagement is transparent and beneficial to the organization. Organizations, when faced with challenges are bombarded with solutions without gauging the intensity of the problem; this gives chance for the miscreants to misuse the data by finding loopholes/glitches in the security systems. This actually increases the cost of maintenance and lowering the profit margins, sometimes even going into losses. That is where Niveshan Technologies comes into picture. We with our long years of expertise in IT infrastructure management services in Delhi deliver the the best datacenter services and advise to the client.

Niveshan has worked with large organization with turnovers going beyond 7000 cr. We have enhanced their network systems, infrastructure, hardware, given them trainings on security and enhancements.

We also maintain their Data centers, Data recovery centers and surveillance solutions in Delhi NCR. We understand the importance of an IT audit and we make sure that the systems are in accordance with the industry standards and audit rules and regulations effectively.

We provide audit services to organizations for smooth business operations. An IT Audit is essentially a very systematic approach towards envisaged organizational goals and securing the environment. We use system analytics and tools to manage and control the environment that is ever-evolving. We always make sure that the organizational data and assets as safeguarded, and data integrity is maintained.

We have a simple formula with stringent processes for each entity in the formula. This gives us a niche in the market. The formula is; Study, Document, identify areas of probable pilferage, suggest the best possible solutions with in-depth expert analysis with projected cost and cost-benefit ratio, Train the resources/organization for IT infrastructure support in India.