Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are very integral to our Growth story. Strategic partners help us strengthen our portfolio, broaden our ability-capability-capacity in our Go-To-Market faster, and well-defined roles & responsibilities. We both, Niveshan and our Strategic partners, make joint investments in people: technology: end-customer engagements.

In today’s times, the new technology and tools evolves with far reaching all-round impact @ a pace never before; words like obsolesce has lost meaning. Deeper understanding, expertise, and experience in Niche Technologies with focus on sector specific problem-solving & innovation is key to stay relevant. Our Strategic partners are the answers.

Strategic partners are absolutely essential to make us competitive, win new businesses, and deliver successfully.

Technology / OEM Partners

Technology partners continually see & predict future Technology requirements, invest with Vision, and deliver best-of-the-breed Technology Products & Solutions. Most times, future business scenarios are redefined & reimagined with the innovation and evolution by Technology partners. Today any solution can only be envisaged around Technology and tools available from Technology partners.

We clearly see the strategic role of Technology partners in building & execution of our Business Strategy. We have experienced and we are convinced about Joint Investments we make in gearing up for Go-To-Market for both. Technology partners helps Team Niveshan in conceptualization through execution of end-customer projects with a difference.

Technology partner plays an important role in building entire business ecosystem to embrace newer technologies and tools in PULL mode. Our right level of relationship and engagements keeps us ahead of times from market perspective.

Independent Software Vendors

ISV partners invests in building configurable application solutions to modernise business functions of end-user organisation, ISVs continually invests in horizontal and vertical growth business application solutions, covering and not limited to, techno: functional: non-functional. ISVs envisage & drive future business scenarios, and do make investments to keep business applications future-proof.

ISV partnerships are important to Niveshan, as ISV best of the breed ISV solutions help us deliver application projects faster, with minimal risk, with future potential, The ISV solutions are configurable through ‘To Be – As Is’ methodology with ‘What – if’ end-user workshops during implementation. ‘Seeing is Believing’ is best delivered by ISV solutions.

ISV partners works closely with us in building Techno-Functional Consultants, with appropriate focus on specific Industries.

Outsourcing Partners

Outsourcing partners in throughout project delivery lifecycle is a norm for more than one reasons. Responsiveness, Skills availability, Special skills, Geographical presence, Cost, stay focused, … are among the key reasons to build and manage Strategic Partnerships. Strategic partners help in achieve Scale. Strategic partnerships can be best related to Auto sector for partners in backward and forward supply chain.

At Niveshan, we are more than clear and convinced about Strategic partnerships for all the right reasons. Being a young and new player, we have all the reasons to believe-in and institutionalise Strategic partnerships as part of our business strategy.

We understand and appreciate the value of backward and forward Strategic partnerships to achieve our growth faster with diversity.