Niveshan Technologies holds the expertise to carry out automation of paper based Ration cards by Smart Cards.  Their monthly entitlements are stored in the card and all the transactions at the FPS are performed only on presenting the card, by one of the authorized members of the family.  Finger print templates of the authorized members are also stored in the card to ensure that transaction happens only in the presence of the beneficiary.

The activity of issuance of Smart Cards shall be carried out at the Field Level.  The agencies selected for the assignment will be expected to invite families to the booth so that their photos, fingerprints and other details can be captured and stored in the card.  On production, cards shall be handed over to the families.

All Fair Price Shop owners shall be provided with a Smart Transaction Terminal (STT) which will serve as a single integrated device to perform sales transactions.  The device shall be capable to authenticate the card and finger print of the consumer.  It will also generate receipt of the transaction once successfully performed.

Similarly, Aadhar based smart Card based Transit documents are also being aggressively suggested in the system. In the new system, both the Other Agency (The Nodal Agency for Transportation of Food Grains) and District Offices shall issue various stock and delivery related Challans using automated system.  Transporters will be able to transfer stock to the FPS owner  only on production of these cards at the Depot.  However, the whole system of Aadhar based smart Card based PDS will not work in isolation or on an offline mode.  It will be adequately supported at the AFSO level by a Centralized Online PDS Application for MIS, analysis and quick decision making.

Module Inclusions:

  • Aadhar based smart Card solution
  • Data collection on PDA with remote connectivity/messaging