We have been facilitating Universities and several other Educational Institutions in e-Governance implementation. E-Governance solutions in educational sector incorporate the latest in technology to bring you a system that combines administrative and Education management functions that are necessary to successfully handle all of the challenges of running an educational institutions. Automating every unit of an academic institution, Education Solution provides real time information processing, knowledge management and sharing.  Our integrated solutions provide an integrated view of multiple Education functions that enable the formulations of well-informed and quick decisions in real time. IEMS enables the Education to optimize their processes & analysis for improved speed and efficiency.  ERP streamlines the flow of meaningful information among the various Education Stakeholders and enhances the speedy decision making at various authority levels at the Education.


  1. Integrated Education Management System (IEMS)
  2. Campus wide networking including Wi-Fi (WiCam)
  3. Biometric Student Aadhar based smart Card (SSC)
  4. E-Learning (eLSU)
  5. Data Digitization and e-Book Management
  6. Internet Management and Security Options
  7. RFID Based Library Automation (LARFID)

Module Inclusions in Integrated Education Management System:

  • Pre-Admission
  • Admission & Academics
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Examination & Result
  • Financial Accounting
  • Establishment, HRMS & Payroll
  • Hostel & Mess management
  • Budget Management
  • Assets & Estate Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Placement Services
  • Medical Services
  • Events & Seminar Management
  • Store & Purchase
  • Library & Management System
  • File Movement System
  • Letter Movement System
  • Fee Management
  • E-Tendering Module
  • Transport Fleet Management
  • Committee & Meetings Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Grievance Management
  • Vehicle/Generator management
  • Student Tracking System
  • File Movement
  • Placement Cell
  • Recruitment Management
  • SMS Solutions
  • Internet Management and Security Option
  • Pension Management
  • Visitors/Entry Pass Management
  • Research Project Management
  • Micro Sites for Departments
  • Industry Education Interaction
  • VC & Administration Offices
  • Guest House Management
  • Education Resource Centre
  • Knowledge Resource Centre

The modules cover everything, right from a student’s academic cycle, beginning from registration and admission, taking them through regular attendance, exams and results and sending with issuance of the degree/certificate.  Besides managing course programmes and modules as well as the administration of students from point of admission to conferral, it also helps the Education in optimum utilization of its resources like academicians and other support staff.

Major Objectives:

Provide faculty, staff and students with user-friendly, customizable, self-serve access to real-time data.

Build a foundation for student systems that can be easily expanded to include the eventual implementation of Admission, Academics and Examination.

Provide workflow to improve and streamline business process flows with consistency and efficiency.

Create a single source for an integrated Education-wide data repository through the centralized database for reporting and data analysis capabilities thus promoting imformation sharing across the Education.

Maintain a robust, reliable infrastructure for sustaining all Education services and supporting growth for new services.

Accurate conversion of data to ensure the integrity and maintain the confidence in administrative applications.